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Ladies and Gentlemen we bring you the new PGX services. PGX was established in 2002 to meet the growing demand for impartial, third-party grading and continues to be the fastest, most affordable grading service in the industry.  With over 150+ years of combined experience in condition evaluation and restoration detection, you can be confident that books graded and encapsulated by PGX have been thoroughly inspected for authenticity, completeness and any possible restoration.

Now in 2021 PGX is expanding in both locations as well as services.  Daniel Patterson has partnered with former Vintage CGC Comic Grader, Rob Pillsbury, and former CGC Rock Concert Poster Finalizer/PMG Paper Money Grader/Grader of Anything Flat Grader, Troy Vogel, to bring the collectibles community PGX East.  We now have two locations, one on the West coast in Oregon and one on the East coast in Florida.  This is an exciting time in comics and we are very pleased to be able to bring a larger offering of products and services when the industry is asking for more from PGX.

We offer a variety of services at flat rates based on $500 increments in value of your books and items up to $4,000 in value and we do not require any membership or membership and invoice fees.  Plus, there’s no need to drop your books off with a third-party to use our service. Just send them directly to us. It’s that easy!  We now have a submission center in Venice, FL located at 1101 S. Tamiami Trail Suite 215 G Venice FL, 34285 (941) 270.4904.    

PGX graded books are sealed in our exclusive Free-Floating Holder with UV Light Protection to discourage possible fading (for those who like to display their books).  Plus, our Shatter-Resistant Cases are designed to seal at all four corners allowing for minimal pressure on the sides which helps to prevent any unintended aesthetic damage (such as waviness or Newton rings).

As an added safety measure, our labels are sealed with the book to prevent tampering.  Our two all new labels are the Blue Label World Grade as well as the Gold Label Signature Grade.  We no longer offer a Restored Green Label option.  Any restoration comments will be clearly noted on the Blue or Gold label.

Be sure to follow us on social media for upcoming events and launches.  We already have some things scheduled for 2021 and will continue to add to our calendar as our schedule permits.

Thank you for being our customers and entrusting us with your collectibles.


Daniel Patterson, Rob Pillsbury and Troy Vogel 

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