Original Art Preservation

Original Art Preservation

if you have a blank comic sketch cover we can authenticate your book and assign it a grade too.

PGX Comics East is proud to announce an industry first.  Original Art Authentication and Preservation.  PGX can preserve your Original Art (OA) in our Archival Plastic.  We will give it a gold label with the date of origination as well as key comments.  It will also indicate on the label whether the page or piece was a preliminary piece or a published piece of OA.  Because it is a one of a kind original piece there is no grade affixed to the item.  Currently we are doing up to 11×17 pages.  We will quickly be able to do larger pieces in the coming months.    

If you live somewhere where Mother Nature tends to be volatile ensure that your OA is protected against moisture and scuffing. 

Frame right around the preserved piece.   

Please contact PGX Comics East at pgxcomicseast@gmail.com for pricing and before sending any Original Art.  Modern 11×17 pieces start at $30.    

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