Signature And Art Authentication

Signature And ART Authentication

PGX is able to certify your signed books

  • Single Book with Multiple Signatures: Starting at $15.00 for the first signature and $10.00 for each additional. 
  • Witnessed Signatures: $10.00 per signature at shows.  
  • Unwitnessed Art Authentication: Starting at $15.00 for a blank sketch cover with art on it.
  • Dynamic Forces books w/COA $20 
  • Unwitnessed Kevin Eastman, Frank Miller, J. Scott Campbell, Robert Kirkman, Gabrielle Dell’Otto, Donny Cates, George Perez, John Byrne, Neal Adams, Francesco Mattina & James Tynion IV $25.  
  • Unwitnessed Mega Stars Stan Lee, Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Will Eisner, Steve Ditko, John Romita, Todd McFarlane, Alan Moore, Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld and the like & various celebrities (Stallone, Reeves, Gadot, Evans, Ford, Hammill. etc.) are $40 to authenticate their signatures.  Most artists, writers and celebrities will fall under the starting price point.  If you aren’t certain email  
  • Deceased industry talent signature authentication is $30 per signature.  Examples: Gene Colon, Herb Trimpe, Gil Kane, Bernie Wrightson (he’s a mega star but I can’t charge for it), Steve Dillion, Michael Turner. 
  • If this is a new artist, writer or industry talent person please include some way to reach out to them to verify their signature.                  

Please note we reserve the right to refuse to authenticate anything we are not certain of or comfortable certifying/authenticating.  

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